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1st Place, 2D

Terri Bennett, Grandma's Stool

1st Place, Photography

T.F. Fields, Down the Hall

2nd Place, 2D

Rod Whyte, View From the Bedroom Window

2nd Place, Photography

T.F. Fields, Terminal Station Window

3rd Place, 2D

Phyllis Thiessen, Summer Retreat

HM, 2D

Ernestine Stofko-Dixon, Italian Landscape View

HM, Photography

Mark Stevens, Window Into Antiquity

View From the Cabin

Libby Bond

Cabin View

T.F. Fields

Ocean's Edge

Pay Harmeyer

Fragments of the Past & Present-From my Window

Barbara Just

Playin' Through the Pane

Martha Clayton Lee


Amy Renfroe

Cherry Blossoms

Amy Renfroe

Pretty Balloon

Amy Renfroe

Roses in Provence

Evelyn Shimek

Late Evening View

Ernestine Stofko-Dixon

Visitor at My Window

Theresa Trail

Sunshine & Shadow

Betty Treadwell

Glacial Pond-View From Train Window

Rod Whyte